Immensely honored for the Vinous points received in our white wine.

Joaquín Hidalgo awarded 92 points to Chardonnay Puramun Reserve 2019 in his Argentina’s White Wines Report.

Testing notes:

“The enologist José Galante is one of the godfathers of modern Chardonnay in Argentina, where he has been making it since the 1980s. This comes from his family enterprice and uses grapes from Paraje Altamira 20% aged in French oak in a play on the idea of classicism: slipped in between the apple, pineapple and herbs are subtle aromas of hazelnut and butter. Unctuous but with a chalky texture (the stand-out feature), the 2019 Chardonnay Puramun Reserva lingers long on the palate.”

Joaquín Hidalgo