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Puramun’s first harvest was 2011, but it was born many years before. At family gatherings, where we tasted wines and told travel stories and memories of a grandfather who came from Italy and had a small winery in eastern Mendoza. And from a father who worked all his life making wines. That is where this family project started to take shape, and where the admiration of their children for this passion of making wines is born, and although each of them leaned towards other careers, all ended up attracted to the world of wine.

One Sunday in 2010 at the insistence of his wife Betty, Puramun was born. Her daughter Cecilia began to think about the label, Eliana put all her knowledge in logistics and administration that she already brought from working in other wineries, and Fernando promised to take over the finances and marketing.

When we started to think of a name, what Pepe was clear about was that he wanted to pay tribute to the Uco Valley, where 100% of our grapes come from. This is how we found a word from the language of the ancient inhabitants of the Valley, the Mapuches. Puramun means harvest, which is logical for a wine

But what we love is that since its language was limited, a word has several meanings, and Puramun also means “search and find.” Concept that symbolizes what Pepe has been doing for more than 45 years, searching and trying to find the best grapes to make his wines.

Every year Pepe visits vineyards throughout the Uco Valley, an area he considers ideal for its thermal amplitude and soil diversity, looking for grapes that express everything this area has to offer. Pepe wines are characterized by their finesse and elegance, easy to drink and enjoy one glass after another.

When thinking about the label, we remember a phrase from the book “The garden of the forking paths” by Jorge Luis Borges: “I thought of a labyrinth, a sinuous growing maze that encompassed the past and the future, and that somehow involved the stars.”

We invite you to walk this path, this tireless search. We invite you to know Puramun.

About us

The proyect

Puramun is the first project 100% owned by José «Pepe» Galante with his family.

Pepe Galante is widely considered one of the most important winemakers in Argentine history.As Catena Zapata’s chief oenologist from 1976 to 2010, he was the pioneer of the wine revolution, this is why many know him as “the father of modern viticulture” in Argentina.

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